Baptismal Vows




  1. Do you believe this child is a possession of God entrusted to your care?

  2. In this light, do you promise to provide for his/her temporal well-being, to teach him/her to love God and His Word, the Bible, and to provide him/her with a God centered education?

  3. Do you promise to teach him/her of his/her sinful nature, of the plan of salvation which centers in Jesus Christ, and his/her own personal need of a relationship with Christ?

  4. To the end that he/she may grow in the Christian life, do you promise to pray for him/her, and to train him/her to read the Bible, to pray, to keep the Lord’s Day and to understand the nature of the Church, the value of its worship and fellowship, and his/her need to seek communicant membership in the church?

  5. Do you promise to lead him/her, by your example and parental discipline exercised in love, to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness in all the relationships of life?

  6. Do you make these promises in the presence of God, in humble reliance upon His grace, as you desire to give your account with joy at the Last Great Day?